Software Of Dubious Origins

These are easily identified as they are usually holographic or overprinted with a pattern like bank notes. They will contain the name of the product and the serial number/product key.

Please be aware that some people are upgrading software on machines when they come out OR when the machine is sent back for service to the factory/shop.

I don't care WHERE the person is from, they are obliged by law to provide you with both the CD and the product key as described above. Expect to pay for these.

If they install it on your system, they should be charging you the price of the software and providing you with the discs.

If it isn't on your invoice/receipt and you don't have the discs/product key/serial number then you don't legally own the software and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law should the authorities become involved.

People may think they are doing you a favour by keeping you up to date or upgrading your software for you but actually they are doing you a disservice by providing you with illegally installed software.

I know there are friends and relatives that will "share" software with each other but computer service people should know better.

The problem is then yours to rectify as they can simply say they gave it to you and you lost it.

I have seen this happening a lot so I thought I'd post this article so people can beware!