Internet vs Physical Banking

The two scenarios published on the internet seem to be not limited to the internet.

The first scenario was someone who had (allegedly) copied down the account details incorrectly and
entered an incorrect account number into the transfer information in the internet.

My question is: Could you not also do this on a deposit slip inside the bank? A: Of course you could.

Internet specific? No!

Second scenario was someone who had $14,000 drawn from his account instead of being credited which
seemed to be a mistake on the part of the bank (from what the story tells).

My question is: Could this not have happened to someone who didn't have internet banking? A: Of course.

Internet Specific? No!

I have used a lot of forms of Internet and indeed online (dial-up) banking for years and have never had a
problem of this nature caused specifically by Internet Banking.

Internet Banking is strictly controlled by banks and they cannot predict human error.

The only way to not have the possibility of anything going wrong is to stuff your millions in the mattress
which we all know is not going to happen.

Transaction-based stupidities have been happening like this WELL before the Internet came along.

People, the Internet is NOT against you, hackers and viruses are. If you have a decent virus scanner which
is updating regularly and Spyware/Adware blockers or killers running then you have the best chance of beating
these nasties.

There is only one person responsible for your computers' health - You!

Happy Computing.

Lloyd. :-)